Selling only/ Valks, Capes, Etc

Heyy!! I’ve gotten my hands on a few items I have absolutely no use for and will be selling em for pretty cheap!

3x | Lime Cape 125C (Each)
1x | Lime Valk 75C
1x | Magenta Valk 75C
1x | Yellow Cape 115C
1x | Black Wizard Pants 150C
1x | Beige Wizard Pants 150C
1x | Teal Hood 100C
1x | Dual Lime Bracelet of Destruction 75C
1x | Dual Beige Bracelet of Destruction 75C
1x | Strong Destruction Amulet Lvl 30 50C
3x | Magic Speed Amulet Lvl 60 100C (Each)
1x | Magic Size Amulet Lvl 60 100C
2x | Knockback Amulet Lvl 50 (75)

Buying any colored cape besides yellow

Do you have black valks?

I will buy your black wizard pants for 150C
user: CheetoInspector

ooh i’d like to buy the lime valk
same username as here

I’ll buy both the black and beige wizard pants for 300


i’d like to buy a lime cape
DM criprinskul#6856

I’d like to buy the Lime Valk and Lime Cape, please.

My Discord is Yayan#9553

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