Selling swift sunken helmet

title says all, give good offer pls


sad noises :pensive:

ill send a bad offer along incase you want it or smth

two clean vasts

i highly doubt youll get like a strong oath or smth if thats what youre looking for

I spent a bit more than that to buy it tho, I’ll probably just go in-game and lowball someone :mariomug:

i got strong oath + clean woj + exiled armor for Forceful sunken helm, thats the worst enchant in the game

Also im only intruding in this convo because jackthevamp is my friend

J because u got something in game doesnt mean much if u got it on forums then thats sumn else

i got a headless head for shitty enchant boss drops in game but that doesn’t make it’s value equal to shitty boss drops

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in reality the headless is only worth whatever people want for it

ok that doesn’t make complete sense but what i mean is that the value is artificial since it has no stats

is this still going

selling swift sunken helm? yes

Nvm not for sale anymore, traded it for a oath, hard oath, strong vast, strong mino chest,powerful exiled chest and a hard mino helm probably a slight L but it was a shit enchant sunken anyway

W if you ask me that’s the best you would’ve gotten, also i want that strong mino chest, ill give u a strong vast for it

Im holding onto it until I get a desperate overpay from some strength build seeker since I have strong boots too

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