[SELLING] Valkyrie Helms + Wizard Robes + Cosmetics and Amulets

Valk Helms:

  • Cobalt Valkyrie Helm
  • Lime Valkyrie Helm
  • Destructive Pink Valkyrie Helm

Wizard Robes:

  • Forceful Green Wizard Pants
  • Destructive Yellow Wizard Pants
  • Bursting Magenta Wizard Robes
  • Swift Green Wizard Hat
  • Destructive Blue Wizard Hat


  • Nimble Brown Hood (+21 Agility)
  • Destructive Dull Power Amulet (+16 Power)
  • 3x Dull Casting Speed Amulet (+16 Casting Speed)
  • 3x Dull Magic Speed Amulet (+16 Magic Speed)


  • Grey Cape
  • Magenta Cape
  • Brown Cape

If you are interested in ANY of these, send a friend request to GhxstZero#4230 and we can negotiate. I’m happy to lowball a fair bit and do trades for other items.

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