Selling wall of jericho

Selling clean wall of jericho lvl 70 for 4000 crowns
Dm me if interested
Discord: =Zero=#3978
Roblox: AbyssalZero

ill buy for 1400 c:

Lmao, byeeee

ccries in poor

I could sell it for 3k if you want

dont have that much sorry, only got 1431 to spend

Alrighty then
I could sell mino helm for 1000 crowns I guess

nty i buyt it for 500 tho

xD, alrighty then
join me in game

alright i will join u in a minute

That is WAY overpriced. I don’t see why anyone would waste that many crowns on a WoJ.

Souka :thinking:
Well it’s my first time selling something on the forum so I didn’t really know what price to put


what is the secret to no 10 char

<Do this to any text and it will appear invisible!> Just don’t use symbols like !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), etc or it will be shown visible

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i have a clean exiled chest plate and minotaur chest plate

I’ve got various boss armor pieces, are you interested in them?