Send different ways to play the game

Tired of leveling up, getting multi blasts, and killing everything on sight
send different ways to play the game like bow-crossbow only
only explosions
stuff like that

only use weapon slashes
goal (if you want one): kill a boss

become boss raid suncry

not play


only use items and money aqquired by fishing (you’re allowed to use codes to buy your fishing rod)

self explosions only

  1. Use Codes (link to page where you can find them :arrow_down:)
    Twitter Codes | Roblox World of Magic Wiki | Fandom

  2. Try to play through bleed combo, like attack and then using your magic that boost damage on bleeding enemies

  3. Start using 20% blast, it really good against NPC.

  4. Change magic

5. Change game

my strat is just, get level 40 and raid silent tower
2 hours and ur maxed

now lets think of a challenge that isnt generic, maybe… get max level through pvp only?

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Try to get the highest possible bounty (and maybe even jail time), or try to cause the most anarchy (or just bet a high body count if you’re a basic bitch)


In-game, press the following keys in order:
Esc > L > Enter

Good job!

Make a new file, get to max level and complete the story all while using 0 spells.

ENJOY :smiley:

If the game is boring play something else before the revamp

I’ve done that before! I did actually enjoy it quite a lot.

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im trying a no magic run, I CAN BARELY KILL DARK WIZARDS

Yeah, it’s pretty tough to get by, I died a few times in my no-magic file.

Gotta keep using those daggers till you can get a better weapon, lol. You really do feel powerless doing a magic-less run.

Speedrun the game
Get level 90 and finish the storyline
and send it to :trol:

There is no WoM category :frpensive:

request it then ez

try and main the worst magic in the game (ice)