Seperating Defense from HP

Seperating Defense from HP
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Make HP gained from Defense regen slower

Defense should be a seperate part of your main hp like below.

Base HP = 96+4L
Total HP=Base HP + Defense
Current Regen formula = 1% per second
Proposed Regen formula = 1% per second while under Base HP, 0.5% per second while above Base HP

Reason to add/change

  • Fuck Defense, all my homies hate defense

  • If you disagree you’re a metamancer running full hard wizard, I don’t want to hear people running that much defense talking

Stunningly beautiful concept.

This would be nice though. Screw the dumb hard wizard meta.



I use powerful wizard robes instead of hard, does that make me cool?


yes very cool


I don’t see this actually changing much except making people run a few more power enchants instead of hard, but it’s a good change anyway.
Health regen could absolutely get out of control in future with high level defense gear, and establishing a tuning mechanic like this lets us balance defense properly without having to deal with the threat of immortal defense builds.


it was gonna be like this in AA before it broke, good idea.

honestly would be pretty cool to see itll def cause a shift in builds

I run a dual defense-power loadout and I sponsor this message.

Yeah, I want this. :nod:

Power enchants will slowly dwindle in viability, going by current scaling full glass canon power will be an 100% increase in damage at level 100 and with the same scaling a full glass canon power build at level 200 will be a 111.872% or roughly 112% increase. At level 1000 with this scaling it’ll be a 120.805% or 121% increase.

This doesn’t make it not a meta stat in the future but it definetely won’t be the only thing being used and it can be nerfed later if needed since its not really going places.

removing the hard wizard meta? pog. im in


Stats were taken using lightning magic as a placeholder but I don’t think that should effect it

It really depends on how the other stats scale.
+100% is still miles ahead of the other stats, so we’re definitely not seeing any meta changes any time soon, even with this change. The other stats are struggling to scrape +50% - casting speed is sitting at a pathetic +23%.

The other stats have the advantage that they’re actually scaling relative to our level though - power and defense will always be “about 2x for a full build”, but percentage stats aren’t as sensible and they range from 1.05x to 5x depending on what level you’re at. Extrapolating our straight(ish) line we see percentage stats taking over at level 250, though they’ll probably have to be changed at some point.
The formula either flattens (making mixed builds OP), continues going straight (making the percentage stats stupid 5x multipliers), or does some other nonsense (making it clear vetex doesn’t know what he’s doing).

If I had to guess, we’re going to continue to see all the stats adjusted every update to try patch over the issues caused by all the scaling being completely different. We’ll never plan more than 20 levels ahead, and the pre-cap meta is always going to be “every stat is worthless except this one”.

I wouldn’t try estimating the log formula for percentage based stats till we actually get the formula which I wish Vetex just gave, idk why it isn’t already released.

And buff double daggers again
they really deserve a buff after what vetex done to all weapons

fuck daggers buff spears
spear chad


actually, you gave me an excellent idea
Hold on a minute

too late for that, I’m hours down that rabbit hole

It’s clear that there is scaling (if you look at a graph of increase per agility against agility, there’s an obvious curve - the actual effect of 1 agility is almost identical to 2 agility), but the issue is that it only really applies for the first dozen points. By the time you’re looking at 50 agility, there’s almost no difference - it’s effectively linear from that point onwards.

This doesn’t match a log profile - it curves off way too fast. If you try to fit a log curve to it, you get something like this:
image image

My current best guess is a power formula - something like 1.3x^1.33. I doubt this is actually it (still doesn’t curve off fast enough), but it’s a reasonable lower bound. Unless the real formula is very weird, the power formula is going to be an underestimate.
And it produces very big numbers for an underestimate.

+800% agility hype?

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