Seraphim (New AO Guild)

Greetings Traveler! You have just come across Seraphim, a mercenary legion dedicated to PvP, fishing, and raiding the Grand Navy!

We are releasing an in-game guild soon! This advertisement is just to hype up the audience!


Seraphim Naval Order

  • This is our main PvP and Naval Combat Unit, these little guys will be used in wars and guild battles

Seraphim Mercenaries

  • This is our main Fishing and Mercenary Unit, these people are responsible for bringing valuable items to the guild through fishing and boss farming.

Seraphim Surveillance Unit

  • This unit is responsible for spying on our rivals and reporting suspicious activity, these people are essentially agents and spies.

We hope you join us soon! We will be waiting!

keeping the thread alive

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOPpeflpfw0ofi0-fkwifiwew

You joining?

@Memonga wanna be an mod for the guild?

How tf is memonga not a regular

IM in kingdom of fire rn and ever heard of changing titles

Thx for the offer but im already in a guild


what guild…? :cry:

Might join since my guild is dead anyways

In Game Logo

Biblicaly accurate angels named guild huh?

Hold on you are also the leader of the Vetex church. How does that work?

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@Zephyr I might join. You hiring Infamy hunters? And also what does your fishing team do/what benefits do they get?

@Zephyr yo @ me and send the discord link when it’s ready

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Whats the discord server link ?

@Zephyr Give the discord link

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How we joinin’?

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I need infamy hunters, benefits for the fishing team is helping the guild economy