[SERIES]Boy of Shadows, Prolouge

~His Past~

Crash! Went the glass as it broke. The Magic Council is here to arrest me, at least I did what I wanted. I really need to get stronger. Oh my I haven’t introduced me to you. I’m Sebastian, a 15 year old wizard, lives in a place called Ironport, has people he hates so much,he will find them and destroy them. There are three bullies who really did their job on me, Alvin, Mark, and the worst of them, Ray. So, today they threatened me that if I didn’t give them my crowns, they would beat me up, which they always did afterwards anyways. So, just this once, I used what I secretly trained and practiced for, magic. Yes, magic, the most beautiful and most deadly weapon of all of Maginus. The most famous and the most notorious of all things. So first, I refused, “Well then, we’ll beat you until you give them to us.” Alvin said, little does he know I have now become much more powerful than him. It was now only about the timing, if I missed my shot, if they found out I could use magic, I would immediately be transferred to a magic school.

They did that once, took my crowns, a lot of them as well. They beat me until I gave it to them. Blood was leaking out of my nose, I had bruises all over me. When I reported this to the teacher, she did absolutely nothing about it. When I got home, no one was there for me…

Time seemed to slow down when I started to activate my magic, or was I getting faster. First, I dodged Alvin’s punch. I whispered, “Dark Bullet…” I threw the small black mass at him, and he vaporized. A funny thing about magic is that if the size of it is big, you won’t do much, but if it’s small, like my small bullet, it would deal a whole lot more. Mark tried to run, but I also vaporized him in the end. It felt so good, that I could finally have my revenge on these pathetic little weaklings, strange to think that long before I endured this, for 10 years. How was I so dumb, that I could not just get rid of this burden of mine. Then I realized Ray was gone. He might have been the one who told the school what I have done, who then called the Magic Council.

I started to remember more things…

My father, Mr. Anderson, was usually never at home, He’s the Ironport smith, Ironport makes our own weapons, usually by the Metalworker. Because of that, I had to help myself survive. I learned how to cook, my best dish is eggs and broccoli. I like broccoli, it’s great for my body. My friend also told me that they were good, for broccoli.

Friends? Ha, I’m my own friend.

The first time I knew I could use magic was when I turned 8, in the middle of the night. A bandit broke into my house, smashed open the window and he just so happened to be in my room. The noise was loud so I woke up, then the bandit was right there, in front of me. Suddenly my fist moved by itself and flew into the bandit’s solar plexus, which probably hurt him a lot. He literally flew out of the window he came in, and I watched him fall to the ground. With blood slowly pooling around him, the color on his clothes slowly drained. I later realized I saw a black flash. So I could command the shadows, I thought to myself. From then, when school ended, I would go into the woods and blast trees with my magic. I did this every evening, every day. Until eventually, I became incredibly powerful. When I was 13 I started to look for wizards, dark and light alike. I would duel them, and of course, not to the death. Until they gave up. Although some of them wouldn’t give up, They would misunderstand me and beg for mercy for some reason. Maybe they thought I was sent by the folks to send them to the Tower. They would give me some of their belongings. Well, getting something from someone else is rare for me, so of course, I took it. I have quite a few amulets, some cloaks that I managed to hide from my father? Some weapons, mostly daggers. And of course, crowns. After that I made it my main way to earn them.

The Magic Council knocked me out and that’s all I remember doing, remembering things. And killing, 2 of them. I have to find Ray, Ray Salore…

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