Server size?

Has vetex announced a planned server size, if not what would be the preferable size?

I’d assume it’s the same as world of magic which is 18 I think


30 people at most.

18 sounds a bit too small ngl

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guess its just gonna be adjusted relative to how much servers die when theres a lot of players

honestly im fine with 18

depending on how servers can handle more players, then more would be better.

considering how big the map is, there might be roblox teleports used, so 15-30 max?
if performance is optimized enough to the point where teleports are not needed, 15-50 server size?

18 players is good
more players=more server lag,fps drops etc etc

i know it’d cause crazy lag but just imagine an ao server with 100 players max

I’d love severs with more than 25 players but it might get too laggy at that point it seems just right, especially with the size of some of these islands(cough cough frostmill cough cough)

i’m probably gonna use the roblox api to find the smallest server anyways so idrc

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True, I always did that in WoM to not lag

if you use a trick with the api you can join sub places so it will even work with separate seas


Damn I’m gonna start doing that if I lag in other sea clusters

I feel like 30 players would be good. Too much? 25

fuck you 10 people per server

At least as large as deez nuts

so one player per server? ok.