Setting a challenge for myself

I am doing a challenge for myself where i get to top 100 of the fame leader board fame list solely through the methods of legal assault (Bounty hunting players)

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good luck

That’s going to be incredibly difficult to do, but good luck nonetheless

Good luck and I believe in you.

Let’s show him some toxic players so he can gank them when he gets the chance, I remember that’s something you like doing.

Good luck trying to find worth-while bounties or even villains in AO (Sometimes villains don’t exist)

I do enjoy doing that actually but keep it at a minimum because i don’t want the place to become a hunting ground.

i mightve done this before but with bounty (i dont remember how many players i hunted)

I have already slaughtered so many innocent criminals


yeah no i won’t redirect my woes to you dw

aight thanks

np, the service you’ve already done the community is valiant enough to warrant a break

but doing this challenge makes it so you can’t take your break

so yeah
don’t push yourself too hard, ya got this.

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nvm i thought you mean 100k fame, not leaderboard

lmao ok