Shadows Of The Lost Arcane | ...Recruitment|

Guild Name: Shadows Of The Lost Arcane
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owners: S1ymer, D0peDuck, Shadorite

We are currently giving away free 200 Crowns in the #give-away channel!
** We are also giving away free enchanted starter knives of your culture! Request one in #Starter-knife-request!**

**If you want something added to the guild feel free to request it in #Recommendations!

We pride ourselves on our kindness and supportiveness.

Some of the things we provide are

A channel dedicated to giving away free items to it’s members!

Active and experienced members that are willing to answer any of your questions

Assistance with any task at any time!

Leaders that supervise the guild around the clock making sure its a no toxicity environment.

We are striving to be the best guild we can be, by helping those that join level up and overall strive in the WoM community.



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