Share the funniest times you got accused of exploiting on AO

Had a funny experience today where someone accused me of exploiting because of my most recent challenge playthrough file, share yalls!
Mine’s below <3

Im doing a run of Arcane Odyssey where I get level 125 PURELY from fishing : so obviously I go to Ravenna for warm pond fish and sea fish.

So Im sittin in ravenna, level 17, never progressed the story, no quests done.
A person [level 125] rolls up to me with the masterangler rank and goes “i know youre exploiting” which is like, INSTANT whiplash.

I play it off and ask how, and they say “labp lab” or whatever that means

I honestly feel kind of honoured.

When I was farming Commodore Kai, one person asked me how did I reached 90 lvl in 3 hours with 2 quests completed only, he asked “Are you cheating?”.

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bruh “cheating” :skull:

soundin ass

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Cheating because my aim decided to become a aim bot script for some reason

This happened three times

On my lightning iron leg file and warrior file (Both have straight up bad gear)

Some guy said I was aimboting and said “Imagine aimboting and missing”. I wasn’t using an aimbot and he said that because I was hitting shots with my bronze musket E ability which is literally easy to hit with (for me at least). There was no magic size on that file either and he died like many times an never killed me.

Another instance was with me avenging Dubious against some nuisance grand navy member who thinks its funny to gunpowder lower levels, I mean I do find it funny but its a dick move. I helped Dubious kill him like two - three times and file switched two times to test out builds being my lightning iron leg build and a thermo cannon fist user.

He accused me of aimboting as well which was funny, all I did was put my cursor on him and hit him because he was really bad at moving around grand navy but when he was in the ocean I had to spam place explosion (He accused me of aimbot when I was spamming placed explosions). He did destroy my ship and Dubious ship so I hopped on my berserker file and brought his ketch health to 1,300/6,200 with cannon fist.

And yeah he did say I was doing bad with berserker but when I showed my face the third time while he had the metamancer build, he died even with an aura on which I didn’t have anything on and made an excuse of using the wrong aura :sob:

We killing metamancers :muscle:
Lightning Iron leg stays winning

(Me using “aimbot” on my warrior file)
(He was a gold and magma metamancer user that didn’t kill me once)

Regular flare W

The magma/gold mages are sweats (which is why I use magma on a warlock)

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Tbh he was sweating running more than trying to attack me :sob:

It got hella annoying when he kept spamming pulsar though since I have no idea how to counter those

His damage was below (like 180 - 250) but his pulsar was skull
Same with my weapons as well, though bronze musket did me great help, never doubt the bronze musket.

that 300 damage held ability man… it goes crazy (and the gear was bad)

By skull that means it was pathetically weak for one and he wasn’t using it right?
Was it a gold or magma pulsar because if it was a gold pulsar

It was a gold pulsar :sob:
that did 400 dmg however
each pulse did around 78 damage so it was good but it got in my way a lot
it was still annoying to deal with, if I wasn’t thinking that’d be the cause of my death

I couldn’t get out either since whenever I wanted to chill he’d try to hunt me down (Didn’t work and he ended up losing his fame and stuff and tried to copy what I was using being the bronze musket but that was a big mistake)

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But the only reason pulsar could kill you —> it’s just an OP spell in general.

thank god its getting a 50% magic size nerf :pray:

Fr the next update cannot come sooner we need it

this was on his grand navy file but I forgot what build it was, it was possibly some conjurer file but his bronze musket did like 73 damage and idk why his magic dealt way more :sob:

I forgot what his file it, could’ve been a mage as well or a conjurer since he was using weapons but he was flopping HARD

He ran like three times and destroyed my low health red caravel . I decided to spawn it again an slowly destroy his ketch until he came which he did. Big mistake he got to red health and the game decided to bless me by literally dumping him into the whirlpool at harvest island and I got the job done (He couldn’t run no more). Then he hopped on his gold/magma metamancing pulsar build :sob:

If the musket was dealing 73 damage then it had to be a mage because I’ve dealt much more (123 in a regular bullet) using an old musket as lvl 83 conjurer

It stopped right after I arrested him and some water conjurer tried ganking me but he died as well sobber

He didn’t run at least so I respect him for that and his drip was :cold_face:

Bro’s wearing a fish bowl on his head

Yeah, what makes things worse is that he was (the gold metamancer) was not chill. When I tried helping end with calvus and I told the gold user he had no chill and tried to gank both of us. (It failed :skull:)

(Note, I can easily kill this gold user so… I didn’t exactly need any help :skull:)

Moreso giving to help to sandal when. They needed it

Sandal :pray:

Though I at least liked him for chilling and letting me and end kill calvus (He helped as well) :DDD

and that’s the entire story

Good ending