Share your Thoughts about Arcane Odyssey!

Hello, as you all may know or may not know. WoM is getting revamped into Arcane Odyssey, yes i’m sure everyone here knows this of course, but you know, i need some sort of introduction.
So well, my intention in this topic is for you guys, to share your thoughts about how will AO be and how things in the game would be like, like sharks and the Storyline.
So, This can work as a post for you guys to share your ideas and suggestions, for those who fear making a suggestion and maybe not being succesful can gather thoughts here and then make a better suggestion!
So well, i was thinking yesterday, about AA, right so, I had thoughts about Alpha White Eyes, the amazing creature we were able to see in AA.alpha white eyes

and i asked myself, if we were going to be able to Fight or See any other creature like that in Arcane Odyssey, Maybe a Giant Squid or a Giant Frigate full of pirates, The thoughts of this can depend on each others imagination!
I personally thought it would be cool for a Giant Pirate/Mercenary Frigate to spawn in the map as a boss level enemy, since the Government relies on weapons, i thought such enemy that also only relies on weapons, would be fit for the game, and would be cool, Such things like this are things i think are cool, and i would like to share, without making them a suggestion, as a medium for you guys to talk about this and make a better idea out of this.
Not only about this, but i also thought, if we ever got to explore the deep sea, it would be cool for it to have good treasures and a really cool scenery, as well you could also get things like Sunken items from chests, since you can get them from land by fishing, you can get them in the deep sea, by searching chests, you get the gist of it.
This is just a bunch of ideas i gathered about cool things that i think would be cool or nice to have in AO.
You guys can either use this ideas or not to make your own suggestions, i do not mind, since i plan on this post to be a place where people can share their ideas about the features of AO.

Goodbye, Have a nice day! :wave:

Cool ideas,

yes :slight_smile:
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I Quite plan on making this post a post where people can freely share their ideas about how can Arcane Odyssey be, i did not give all my examples as i plan to save them for the future, but it’s a place for people to talk about this and cool ideas of the upcoming game.

This is where I’m gonna fuckin beat the living hell out of white eyes, the redemption arc

for real this time.
one of the ideas i want in AO is to see the effects of constant war. might that be famine, or people being poor.
also i do want to see new sea monsters too
so yes.
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JTN: The Reedemed Arc

AO overall is pretty great
can’t wait to see how it’s gonna turn out

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Same, i honestly expect AO to have really Cool features, AA was amazing and it was made by a vetex that had way less experience than now. So im excited to seehow it will turn out to be.

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I remember shitting my pants the first time I saw an alpha white eyes
I can’t wait to see another for the very first time once again

same… i was swimming to an island in the 3rd sea, and mf popped out and ate my ass

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lol fr, it was really fun and amazing to see alpha white eyes, it would be really cool to see a creature like him to be in Arcane Odyssey.

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one idea i want also is “side stories” basically like a shorter storyline with bosses at the end possibly

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Assassin’s creed black flag but with darker tone

shit name, great game (jk jk, though, im not a fan of the “odyssey” portion. just doesnt sound right, you know what im saying right)

Morden fan fictions will come and there’s nothing we can do about it

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realllly looking forward to it

titlescreen theme is already pog, hopefully the rest is also very pog

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Hopefully we get guns

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very american