Shockwave Magic

as a lost magic
low damage, large aoe, noticeable knockback
Valencia, though she wasn’t implemented into the game, possessed the shockwave curse.
(unrelated: old sea curse info says that there exists sea curses without an augmented magic counterpart. new sea curse info says for all sea curses there exists a magic counterpart)

Reasons For

  • I think it’d be cool
  • it apparently exists in the universe, if we follow the new info
  • lost magics are just different, and shockwaves fit best as one
  • no other magic, even planned ones, seems like they give knockback naturally

Reasons Against

  • None
  • might be annoying to fight against (i mean it’s aoe and knockback)
  • still none, it is a perfect magic

First, is Valencia dead? If not then it would not make sense to have the Shockwave Magic available. Secondly, it would just be wind but better. So I don’t think it is really necessary to be implemented as an obtainable lost magic.

P.S. Now that I think about it, maybe there are more than one of the same curse, if there are curse vaults then there could be a possibility. Because from what I know, in the lore it never said that there couldn’t be more than one of the same curse.

possibly, but she’s a curse user, and it’s unknown wether she was in the A.G Headquarters during the explosion

pretty sure vetex already had that planned but removed it. idk why but, i would like it to be in the game again, since i would love it

valencia and the rest of the higher ups in 5th sea were likely wiped out when durza did the thing, they didnt really feel like being anywhere else and just hunkered down

As of WoM, Valencia is likely dead. Most likely from Durza’s big explosion, but if not that then maybe the Peacekeeper got her. As of post-TGR, she’d still be dead, but on the other side of the world.

Also I’m not sure how her being alive or not decides whether shockwave magic should exist? In the universe/lore, it’d be possible. If we’re worried about giving players the same magic as a powerful NPC, I kind of understand. But players can already do that.

There already exists magics which are similar, but superior, to starter magics (kind of depends on where you draw the line between a clone of a magic and its own separate magic).

  • Slash is similar to wind, but with better slicing capabilities.
  • Inferno is basically stronger fire.
  • Aether Lightning is lightning with more AoE.
  • Aether is light with explosions.
  • Solar is stronger fire, again.
  • Lunar is better water.
  • Diamond is stronger crystal.

I agree that shockwave isn’t all too unique, because it shares similar properties to wind, and it can be seen as a better version of wind. But based on already planned magics which are in the same situation, I don’t think this reasoning should disqualify it as a lost magic.

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What if this is too similar to gravity magic(I think was a thing, i’m dumb)

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