[Short Story] Deaht 2: Livth

Okay, let’s review: I got sent into a completely other realm where there are now islands.
Magius has been completely eradicated.
I woke up with some guy called Morden. He was like level 1 and I was 90. So fucking weak.
I went to some place called Redwake. I can’t go any further because God isn’t kind. An island people call Mimhere Island has just appeared though.
This bitch called Aubjorg wants me to fish constantly.
People seem to be floating over an invisible bridge in Redwake. That Hundi guy seems to be related.
The people are much like those in Magius. The killing still exists. They still say “GG ez” or “Skill issue”.
I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
Hey what’s that blob over there?
Gets eaten by shork