***Shotgun pellet shape idea / suggestion.***

Shotgun pellet/sparks. (Since the shape changes the properties of the shot, this type can split the damage into multiple projectiles. I don’t know about balance or if it will cause a lot of lag if a huge number of players use it, but it’s a good idea because it gives an advantage in melee and loses in range, since the farther the target, the less projectiles grouping).
You can even make a separate spell out of it.

Well, I realised - its Conjurer blast move changed by arcanium shotgun…


Shape options just change the hitbox/stats of the blast spell and not how it actually functions, this idea is more akin to a lost spell

Yeah. Rip, I used every braincell I had to make this suggestion. :slightly_frowning_face:

Honestly for me
This doesn’t sound bad magic option but how would the damage work if it was added
Would it be two times more or the same amount or whatever I’m wondering

I think its would have to be normal to prevent people from abusing it.

Tbh it should be 1.10x/1.25x more damage
Or actually still normal
not to high so it isn’t a problem

If that’s so theres a good chance that the normal blast would be stronger and the shotgun would be less since you might have a few projectiles that go outside of where ur aimming at close range if I read it correctly depending on how “shotgun” works and normal blast can work in any range depending on how good you predict or whatever

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Hm… I think its okay. But still no chance Vetex would add it, cuz its not shape and other suggestions are closed. He could add it as first lost spell, but there is plenty of other good variants + he is probably will add Flight as first lost spell.

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I think testers should evaluate. Still, it’s a pity to lose such an idea.
@Waping Sorry for the distraction, but I saw you were evaluating ideas in another topic.

Shotgun vs whiteeyes

whiteyes wins

these kind of suggestions should just be lost spells tbh

shapes arent meant to be absolute gamechangers, they are just cooler looking and somewhat wilder versions of the size sliders (some are pretty extreme but will probably be balanced when we test them)

but anyway yeah id like a shotgun later



aint no way he mentioned THE machine…

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You should be
for reminding me of the existence of this image


I’m so glad I don’t have any idea what this is.

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