Should I do it?

Should I delete my crystal mage save file and create an earth warlock with thermo fist?

  • Yes :earth_magic_var3: :fire: :fist:
  • No :sob: :crystal_magic_var3: :mage:

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blz feedback

earth warlock goes hard (literally) but i worry that the fists might look ugly

like imo iron looks ass
Screenshot 2023-03-04 114705

what the shit that looks cool

Screenshot 2023-03-04 104510

yeah that looks a lot more painful than socker boppers

As a hybrid build user

I regret going hybrid on my main but Vetex is going to save us all with the stat reset

Don’t give up mage


damn same i want warrior so badly

Pure builds just simply get more epic stuff.

Also, Selectorch video explains

Warriors are great fun but they struggle against calvus without the right weapons imo


Attack size nerf when?!

ngl guns are REALLY good against bosses


imagine there was a strength gun weapon and it was just a fucking bazooka :skull:

Muskets and guns are like great PVE tools, things like triasta and sabre are better for pvp.

This is why warriors are such a fantastic class, we have so much versatility we can adapt to any combat situation with relative ease

vetex we need this