Should players be able to choose their story line?

I’m not sure if vetex plan to remake story quest line system or not. But at one point of the update player be able to choose their story line freely. Which kind of doesn’t make sense to me. So what if the story line will begin on if own after player commit on either side.

For example after player have 100 good reputation the quest that further increase your reputation will trigger. After the player finish the quest they simply need to earn enough reputation point for the next quest to arrive.
On the other hand if you manage to low your reputation enough the opposite quest will happen either further decrease your reputation or just cause destruction for fun.

Of cause if you suddenly change your mind after you commit several crime and not having TOO low reputation you can talk to jail warden to redeem yourself by taking HARD good reputation quest instead of getting throw in jail immediately

This new system will add more flexibility and depth into the game world

In Arcane Odyssey there won’t be a hero or villain storyline like world of magic, There’ll be one neutral storyline and you can make certain decisions that influence how the world perceives you. There are many kingdoms and different affiliations, so you may be a friend to some and an enemy to others.

Overall, actual reputation probably won’t have much of an effect on the main storyline.


Are you talking about WoM

shit idea ngl

probably shouldnt have left for a year

though the same could be said for coming back

If the storylines were split, I would much prefer it if it was gradual, as that would be cooler story wise and more realistic. People don’t really become assholes overnight, or at least normally.

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I really like the new storyline and how it’s handled as more of like one of those games where you choose certain dialog options that fit yourself or your character more.

Other than severe head trauma

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there’s only 1 storyline but you can be evil if you want