Should power and destruction correlate with eachother?

It just doesn’t really ring in my head how if you run full destruction, it could break mountains, but only kinda scratch a person.

(I haven’t fully tested it so correct me if im wrong)


really hits different when you destroy entire rows of houses with full destruction
but you hit a random mf and deal not even three digits of damage :fr:


Well i guess technically power could fuse with destruction for a smaller boost of both as a single enchant, but having both available gives us more customization. At this point you could ask to fuse bursting and power too since bigger looks stronger… which shows how easy it is to reduce customization for “realism”

I think it would be better if bursting and destruction were combined, since they both go in hand with each other anyway. More AoE = more area to destroy stuff, so why not make it more damaging to structures as well?


those two enchantments really go hand-in-hand and don’t really need to be separate anyways


ok i guess bursting and destruction can go together

yes, so we can get rid of this explosion magic icon ripoff (i forgot that not all of the emojis from vetex’s discord server were not added in here)

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Yeah destruction should give a small damage boost.