Should Vetex remove bleeding and replace it with just damage?

  • Yes
  • No
  • maybe idk

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uh what

Add [poll] at the start

oh ok

And [/poll] at the end


not working

just copy this

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Yes
* No
* maybe idk

yay thx

yay thx

u voted?

Please say yes everyone

Please say yes everyone

Stop begging. Also, the question of this poll is completely stupid. Why remove a logical mechanic which generally has good effects for most magics?

the point of dot is that its supposed to apply overtime. removing that mechanic would make more magics similar



If it’s because of bleed stacking, that’s a bug so…

No. Why would you want this?


Can you please give a reason why on the ding dang dimmadarn continent of Magius this should happen