Silverhold Breakout Change

Silverhold Breakout Change
effort 4.333333333333333 3 quality 4.333333333333333 3 reasonability 5.0 3

Make it so if you were jailed and then get freed by a player, you cannot lose/gain any fame until you escape Silverhold.

As with everything, a story makes things easier to understand:
Mr. Felix Talo(n), the alpha-chad generation 1 bronze sea abolitionist pyromaniac player, was casually chilling (or would it be warming?) and decided to visit Silverhold for the daily visit of talking to random NPCs that want to kill them for no apparent reason. But suddenly, 3 Assassin Syndicate members jumped him! Alas, being weak at places with no movement room in the middle of water, he fell and was jailed. However, they didn’t leave it there. They destroyed the jail door and dealt 1.3k damage to him in an unescapable combo! Then he was captured again! This process kept on repeating forever (atleast 8 times) until Felix Talo(n) decided to server hop. However, Mr. Felix Talo(n) lost the 8k bounty he was saving for his harem!

Yes, Mr. Felix Talo(n) can’t fight in areas with no movement space e.e

Reason to add

  • Would prevent infinite farming players.

(Yes, I know Mr. Felix Talo(n) could’ve server hopped much earlier, but he likes to monologue)

This is quite understandable. I mean, I really got spawn camped in silverhold, and hard. A whole clan decided to spawn camp me and wouldn’t leave till they got all my galleons, and a lot of bounty. I couldn’t even escape, because they destroyed my ship too. If anything, they also need to have a serious revamp to spawn protection, to prevent such a bad thing from happening.

ya they laugh at ppeople at when they are low they run away and then i get arested this why i quit assasin syndicate.

Were you that other person that was getting farmed along w/ me lol

no i dont think so

Honestly I quite like this change. I personally never farm people because I think its boring and ruins the other persons enjoyment of the game, but I can see how it would be annoying to constantly get farmed.

Never had this experience cause all my main files are good rep, but with your explanation I support it

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