Since some of yall got mad at me

I wanted to say I am sorry for asking for likes! (I’m not a good artist so don’t bully me to much)
So here is a drawing I made of a mad looking sun.


is he single??

Why yes he is, sadly if you get near him he will burn you up!

(That’s why he is so mad and cause he lonely)

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theres ur 25 likesimage

Thanks homie, now that I have the likes I got to figure out what else to do in order to get that sweet sweet regular tag!


if you have all the requirements, you just have to wait until 12am est of tomorrow or dm a mod

Oh well thanks. I think I have all of the requirements but Im not entirely for sure I’ll just wait and see.

Also a note to myself in the future people REALLY do not like when you ask for likes. . .

So maybe draw then a cute sun next time!

ok i think you needed more posts viewed and stuff because you didnt make it today

Yeah I think I will start posting a little bit more.