Slime User: Seth Salore

Hooray my first time actually posting art on here since!

Well yeah this is Seth Salore my main save using his own god magic/mutation: Slime Magic!

I’ll be making an actual full on character sheet and more info on Slime Magic later since it’s way too late for me to be doing anymore then I already have.

Anyways I’ll try to be more active with my art and what not, bye!


I’ll also be using the comments section as a little Q&A about Seth before I make a real character sheet and stuff about him. (seriously this guy is part of a full on head-canon I’ve made)

What magic did slime mutate from?

Water and Acid Magic


I unapprove.


Wouldn’t earth/acid make more sense?

I mean, in EB that’s how it’s made

I’d say Acid and Lightning because chemical reactions

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Wait hold on, so it mutated from water or it is a rare mutation from acid or even mud ? ( i mean you said it a god mutation so maybe it the second one ? )
Is the slime acidic ? How much ? Like acid or more or less ?
Does it have any negative effect ( if it a rare mutation )
In what cirumstances did he mutated his slime magic ?

can he beat Goku ?

It’s a God Magic mutation between Water and Plasma

Even though it’s a god mutation it does have a negative effect towards the user; this being that Slime Magic brings an extreme level of Insanity (stat) on the user. (A whopping 20 Insanity level)


(Sorry it took me like a year or something to respond I didn’t have the forum open)

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oh right also it’s not acidic unless combined with Acid magic

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I don’t think Slime would be a God Magic but be some low class combination

It wouldn’t be if Slime Magic just shot blobs of slime but the control over the slime itself is what makes it god magic

slime doesnt exist in nature ? Or do you mean just sticky slime like stuffs in general ?

To be fair phoenixes don’t exist in nature either.

phoenix magic is just healing fire, not control… well, phoenix ?

That was the AA lore. Magics had really nutty gimmicks planned for their mutations. Fucking Speed and Flash Magic were planned.

By now, with the consolidation we’ve seen (such as most magics not having DoTs/having them removed compared to AA variants) Phoenix Magic will likely just be a special fire with different tricks up its sleeve. Hell, we may get the wings with it to boost jumps and shit

I find no difference in Shooting and Controlling Slime, they’re the same thing and nothing about it makes it “god like”, it’s Honestly sounds like you’re making something too overpowered

I didn’t wanna make Slime Magic sound more powerful by calling it God Magic I just called it that more to explain how rare it is and why there’s only one in existence