Small suggestion

Small suggestion
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Make it so players can no longer climb after losing a limb.

This seems like it would just be inconvenient and isn’t super needed.

like tparre stated, unnecessary + inconvinent

People irl have climbed things without limbs…

Reduced climb speed yes. Not being able to climb at all… Ah hell nah :-1:

Too immersive…

I get that it’s realistic and all but…no.

Peeps that lost a limb can still climb though slower than someone that havent lost a limb so eh I dont see this as a thing that should be added considering it’s gonna make things inconvenient.


As mad as everyone is about this…

This is planned…

@Meta Do the thing.

Calm down people, losing a limb rarely even happens especially with the armor thing. And you can just reset.

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Were not mad about it. Its just like, the inability to climb as a whole.

Too lazy to write something new

Anyway, I can see this not being the worst, but its still nothing more than an annoyance forcing you to reset when it happens

This isn’t already planned, but something very similar is already implemented:

I don’t think this suggestion is going to get any support, but I’ll leave it up since it’s not really breaking any rules (and I’m too tired to make decisions rn).

yeah lets lose walking rights when we lose a limb too

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Similar feature implemented.