Small TGR Question

In the patch notes it said if I was a WOM player I’d get to re-choose my 1st Magic, but if I chose a new magic would it set me back to level 1 or would I still be at level 90 with all the beams and high jumps and stuff? I’m debating on switching my element but I wanna know for sure if it’ll make me redo all the leveling or not.

Unless there’s a level reset for everyone in the first place, you can assume you won’t have your level reset simply from switching magic

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I thought your level would be reset as a whole. Would make the new content actually intresting

just make a new file and play through the story with that one to get the fresh experience before using your main

I take pride in my generation, but the new update will probably have my change it

Generations will be consistent with all files on your account.

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