Smith player profession

Smith player profession
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The trello updated and added some new juicy information about the game, on of the things is player professions.

What will this profession do?:
This profession will be able to create weapons and get weapon skills from weapons easier, this class will be very useful if you’re going for a weapon main.

Leveling up: (this is only an idea of how the leveling would affect the creation of weapons)

Level 1: able to create week daggers and short swords with metal and wood

Level 25: able to create sturdier and stronger weapons and can handle harder metals.

Level 50: you can now create weapons with weapon skills on it (weapon skills will be very week tho)

Level 100: you’re weapons can now be created with even better metals and have even more speed and damage, your range of skills you can put on weapons are increased.

Level 500: you can now create weapons with magic infused to them (you need to read the book of how to create magic infused weapons before unlocking), your skill range has been increased/

Level 1000: you can create the most powerful weapon skills of them all, your knowledge of weapons are greater that anyone else’s.

the damage and speed of you’re created weapons increase every ten levels by a small amount.
You create weapons at your level ex. You’re level 25 you create a weapon: the weapon is level 20
Can create armor as well

I like the idea, but I really just wanna point out “week”…

Sorry, im not that good at spelling

Professions aren’t suppose to effect PvP

But it doesn’t



You can buy potions, you can’t buy the most powerful weapon skills in the game

You can also brew potions without mastering alchemy, also considering potions are likely banned in fair PvP.

I thought they meant you can make weapons with better skills.

I don’t think this just says “better”

This is so innocent

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Sounds way too good compared to alchemists and cooks
Creating weapons is already extremely useful by itself, why do they need to be the best weapons of the game

Now if creating weapons was just a basic thing and smith was an upgrade to it, yeah sure it wouldn’t be as op

I think you made a key mistake when writing this, frankly:
you focus way too much on skills rather than the weapons themselves
a smith would be someone who actually makes weapons,
this making skills-for-weapons thing is completely different

the overall suggestion is way too vague, it doesn’t describe how materials/how leveling with the profession would work or whatever or any specific details,
just a few milestones so to speak

given that vetex hasn’t put smith on the professions tab I’ll assume he isn’t planning on adding player smithing


I get all of this except the “vetex probably isnt planning on adding a player smith”, of course hes not?!? Suggestions arent supposed to suggest things that are already planned?!?

to elaborate; given the ceaseless amount of smith suggestions and that he’s almost certainly thought through it before
if it hasn’t been added yet it probably won’t be

Countless smith suggestions? I haven’t seen any

Although a blacksmith profession would be pretty cool, your way of implementing it wasn’t that good.

Lost me at the weapon skills, a fighter knows how to use the weapon, a smith forges the weapon.

As I just mentioned with the fighter and smith comparison, you shouldn’t have weapon knowledge but forging knowledge instead.

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Oh boy, there has been a ton of suggestions about crafting weapons and stuff before
Now of course they aren’t all specifically about a smith profession (a couple of them were), but it’s definitely not a new concept

Level 1000: you can create the most powerful weapon skills of them all, your knowledge of weapons are greater that anyone else’s.