Smol sketchies for a thing someday

I forgot to give it teeth sksksk


aren’t you gonna get that as a mask?


interesting, take a picture of it once/if you get it.

ah, the wendigo. A classic!

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o u can bet on it

nice deer drawing.

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btw what you gonna use this for?

a thing someday

Thanks macobre!
That was so good!
You explained it PERFRECTLY!

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I’m glad you got it ^-^

Wendigo Boss :tm:

Bottom text

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glad im not the only person whos first thought was wendigo

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is this a gaster blaster?

looks pretty insane

Looks more like a Wendigo, AKA ancient zombies but they’re cannibals instead of undead

oh yeah ok

It seems you drew my paralysis demon

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I am seeing a horribly emaciated man with semi-flayed skin wearing this. I have too much edgy friends.

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deer skulls are just coowl

cool and eerie

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