Snow or crystal?

So lately I’ve been comparing the two magics and I cant decide, one has all these clears but is average in everything and the other is flashy and can clash well but slow, also I guess it has funny new effect so idk whoes better

I dunno, it’s your preference. Snow is better than crystal in World of Magic right now, but i’m not sure if it will be in Arcane Odyssey. You’ll be able to change your magic anyways once AO comes out, so it doesn’t matter at all.

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I don’t want to make a detailed response to this.

go with the funni white magic

1-0 snow v crystal

First up to 10 is superior

also if you use snow in AO nobody’s gonna accuse you of metamancing

When I looked at a tier list for ao that meta made crystal is higher than snow in B

True, but the same is with crystal (I think?)

If you’re trying to get the best magic, you’ll need to look at magic combos - how good a magic is on its own isn’t really important when magics are never used on their own.
Crystal has a couple good synergy options (namely light and metal), though you’ll have 0 clears. Snow’s options aren’t as good, but like you said it’s got way more clears.

If you want to mostly use your magic, I’d recommend Crystal. Synergies are very good, it’s (relatively) hard to disrupt, and it looks cooler.
If you want to main weapons or fighting styles, go for the optimal fun build of Snow/Magma. Clears every status in the game (except poison), so you just prevent your opponent from using any interesting synergies and spam weapon abilities.

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