So about your magics

Reading through the forums recently has made me realize that people have tons of different magic types, and therefore depending on their experiences they want some magic types nerfed and some to be buffed bc nothing has really happened outside of a semi-indirect nerf. So, with that said, what magic types do you want buffed and which do you want nerfed and tell me your reasoning, ill start shadow should get buffed bc when second magic drops it can and absolutely is going to be the worst pick that you can have in the game,(and dont tell me its going to be a good “standalone magic” because standalone magic types ARENT GOOD, I’d know, i have light magic, but im trying to get better at it,through some kind of training for the next ever until the guild update, but still, tell me how many times have you seen another player try to inflict bleed to improve their already fairly large attack power hmmmmmmmmm We fr cannot do that kind of stuff and therefore, people like us until 3rd magic drops, we need to cross a skill gap to even make up for the fact that we cant use anything else to our advantage, light is honestly better for its status, but sure shadow has more power, but less speed, and magic speed doesnt really do much, so shadow definitely needs a buff as it already got nerfed due to the power fiasco, but light genuinely might need a fairly minor one. Look I know being blinded is probably one of the better status condtions, but No one is going to stay still while blind, if anything, they’re harder to hit bc they’re less easy to predict once basically fully blind, blind’s trade off is that they’re harder to hit and keep the status effect on the person once fully blind, in exchange for them to have a much higher chance of whiffing their shots, or simply not attacking at all. as for nerfs im really not sure, but ive heard that Acid and Wood magic might become much more common with the second magic update if people know about them

main concern about pvp to me honestly would be shit like lightning paralyze ash petrify and frozen status effects unless we get a massive health increase that makes getting stunned for a while not a fatal problem it will be broken

well some people argue it isnt broken there was this huge argument about freezing effects like a month ago.
some people just say that due to magic jump its useless and some people say it isnt op and stuff theres a lot of things that will probably be changed once 2nd and 3rd magic come out balance wise

Make the Ash clouds scale with Power + Level (it’s only w level rn) and make them stand tall enough to counter high-jump spammers.


nah standalone magics are just magics you can use for anything, they don’t specialize

but yea buff shadow and light


cause I have shadow and this guy has light :sunglasses:

Let’s delete lightning and plasma

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it already isnt ever going to be a fatal problem, you can magic jump out of all stun effects except for paralysis, which is near impossible to land on a good player. if you don’t have enough energy for a high jump, then dont worry because you can also just charge during those effects, then magic jump

unless of course it gets changed, then we’ll just have to see

pretty sure magic jump aint supposed to break you out of those effects

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im 99% sure we shouldnt be able to high jump outta these status effects

Ice is by far the worst heavy magic.

It has 0.8x speed and 0.925x damage, the lowest damage out of all the heavy magics. Yeah, it’s fast compared to other heavies, but why use it when there’s magics that do more damage and are faster?

You can escape Frozen with literally any spell. Even a high jump.

Yeah, the 40% bonus damage to bleed is nice, but that doesn’t balance out all the negatives.

You can’t magic jump out of scribed you can only t jump out of scribed which takes longer

Icy status effect itself giver a 20% damage boost to magics like wind and ice gets bugged by frozen

40 percent damage on the most common status in the game isn’t bad.

Magma broke the meta when it was at 60