So clover was released a week ago

In case you didn’t know there was a black clover and rl inspired game that’s been in development for quite awhile now and it just released for paid access(300 robux) and honestly here’s my honest opinion on it in case you ever consider playing (it’s apparently going to be free today)

Yeah it’s a lot like gpo so if you wanna change your appearance robux. Wanna change your magic robux. Due to its lack of content on release caused it received a huge amount of backlash and the player count has dropped from at least 1k to barely 10 players.

Since there’s a lack of content a lot of players either end up hacking or jumping other players and stealing their money which had me fucking paranoid.So it pretty much turned into a jumping simulator were groups of players kill each other because they have nothing to do.

The combat system is fine ig if you don’t mind ragdoll based combat. As for the magic the best ones atm are obviously hard to get so players end spending robux and get disappointed if they don’t get anything good.

The level system is grindy as expected and with there being only 3-4 quests it’s basically just a walking simulator were you go from point a to point b over and over again.

TL;DR : in all honesty the game is ehhh it (maybe a little toxic) just needs more content

nah the robux thing didn’t really make sense to me, especially with how expensive it is

like maybe 10 robux? Like a bajillion people are gonna try it out anyway

So, kinda like the guilds update?

So in other words another cash grab anime game, not surprised.

Actually it’s been confirmed by the some devs and testers that the head dev released the game knowing it had little content so yeah your probably right neko.

by your description, the game is disgustingly bad

Yeah especially after finding out what the head dev did recently yeah it’s pretty bad.

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I feel disappointed
But hey I can’t make anything better
If you’re going to release a game and make it cost so much robux tho, make it not another shitty cash grab

what’d the head dev do?

He released it knowing it had little content.

ah, okay
that’s pretty shitty alright

bruh tahts

This is what I keep saying, why are people surprised at this point?

Not only that but the game costed 300 robux which I spent like a dumbass , because the game released when the head dev knew the game had barely any content. It got so bad the play count dropped like flies plus he released the game for free a week after paid access came out. So atm people either quit the game or made alts while waiting for the head dev to give us some sort of reward for buying paid access.

bruh that’s messed up…

They discontinued it…
What… The… Fu-

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That’s just shitty

Yay I just wasted 300 robux