So dantdm came back to Roblox for a day

little announcement cuz yall were introduced by him to AA an he quit roblox for 2 years trol!

fact is was doors tho


and he played doors

Of course it was.

I mean doors is a good game and its very high quality and unique compared to, say, most-everything on the entire platform?

Honestly, I’m glad its getting this kind of attention, those developers earned it.


Yeah pretty much. Most of the popular games these days are simulators and anime games that are all the exact same thing.

Holy shit the dev of doors is eating GOOD. Bro is getting some of the most popular yt’ers, some not even having to do ANYTHING with roblox playing it. Even cr1tikal played it, TWICE. Honestly it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that doors is the most successful game of 2022 (not including Pet Sim X and adopt me because they are literal money farms + i don’t mean financially :upside_down_face: )

MatPat played DOORS on GTLive a couple weeks ago.