So, Level 0 Items... are they still Obtainable?

So I recently traded @Level for a Level 0 Dagger, an item that cannot deal any damage at all due to it being glitched. And I was wondering
are these things still even obtainable?
I mean at this point Vetex probably would’ve patched getting these as drops and chest loot, so this should mean that they are unattainable right? But then again, I heard someone recently got one from a chest, so I’m like :thinking:

Level zero is annoying, ill say

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They’re still possible to get I think, I’ve had one in my alt’s inventory for a bit then I bought another dagger. At first it said level 1 then I enchanted it and it just ended up stacking onto the level 0 dagger, so Im not sure what happened there


Huh, neat.