So there is more than 17+ chat filter


They killed everyone at roblox and replaced them with other people


How does the new chat filter stuff work

i think theyre going to give an option for id verified 17+ year old users to disable the filter entirely or something? im not sure how that will combine with <17 users reporting people for swearing but i guess we’ll see

It about use your car licenses :skull:

gotta show identification to say nawty wowds on wobwox

Idk if i wanna give roblox my irl id

i’ll probably be fine without these features

oh this isn’t gonna end well is it?



idk who slipped something into their tea but whatever it is i hope they keep doing it

my brother actually uses this to get into school instead of an id, and the guards just let him in without looking

I don’t really like it tbh

Roblox should obviously have options but it should also be a game for anyone of general ages. I just don’t like that Roblox all of a sudden just does a 360 and goes “adult stuff is actually cool ngl”. While Roblox does get memed on a lot for being ultra kid friendly I just don’t like it. I don’t have any problem with PG-13 stuff or more serious ratings but I just don’t feel like Roblox should be that kind of place.

its really good in my opinion because this will lead to more people taking roblox seriously as a game platform and not a kids game, + you dont need to use this filter and you dont need to play 17+ rated games and i dont see how having the option can be harmful in any way

Yeah but I just say that I don’t like it personally. I would prefer Roblox to be for kids and teens and stay that way but I guess :person_shrugging:

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Oh go cry in your blankets.

almost every game is developed by adults

tbf roblox isn’t exactly kid friendly too much when u unban literal Philes main accounts and have their alt roam free like nothing happened when ownership transfers. or in one case only one of them got banned was because of SEGA getting involved from copyright

while also scapegoating a user that wanted to help the platform do better and expose it’s faults with criticisms and all that. ruben and many others and a lot of ppl are starting to gain notice and investigate deeper and what not

expired my guy

Sex in roblox :crazy_face: