So ummm, My Player KD dropped to .2 recently

i dont know what else to say, its really unfortunate, im training and trying my best and this happens, its really discouraging you know, my self esteem in this game is down the toilet



It’s ok my KD is .4 and im consider really good.

issue is i consider myself hot garbage, and the people i pvp with also acknowledge this, they know i can get better im just not GETTING BETTER

Mine is somewhere in the 0.0s :frcryin:

Mine is at 10 because anytime I died, I deleted my file

oh shut up you know I have something worse to deal with

fucking combat logs that shouldn’t have been combat logs

K.d doesnt mean anything lol. You can farm them on random players that just hit level 40 and have a kd of 7.0 you’re still not good. Or you can be really good like 4th place of the whole game and only fight people whos better than you and get a kd of 0.2, that doesnt mean you’re bad does it?