Some ethical questions for yall

What is something that you feel may be ethical but is illegal.

What is something that you feel is unethical but may be legal.

  1. cloning humans
    honestly its not that bad but theres tons of ethical concerns so for all intents and purposes its illegal, although it’d actually be a way to make more people with superior qualities/less health issues.

  2. life sentences in jail,
    throwing someone in a jail for the rest of their life just to let them rot
    obviously some people are really bad but, life sentences don’t really teach anything/accomplish anything, executing people with sentences like that would be quicker and more effective.

Oh this is very interesting you bring up some good points about the life sentence. I never really though about that.

I mean, prison is bad, but it’s not like it’s rotting. It’s not really torture.

Framing a guy for doing ( something I won’t mention on the fourms) though he didn’t do it is just wrong cause you literally ruined this dude’s life,and in my opinion people should take the punishment for lying.

That is also true. We humans are social creatures and prison still allows us to be social even if our freedom is taken away, but what about the people put into solitary confinement ? I feel like solitary confinement can make any man go insane if they stay in there for to long.

I see what your saying. I think you’re talking about the cases were a “women” would frame a “man” for something he may have not even done or she was giving him consent at the time. Then going back and accusing that man of doing something to her that he may have not even done, ruining his life.

I mean, Solitary confinement, if you google it is listed as a torture method. And I mean, it’s suppose to be torture.

Yeah I would hate for being blamed for doing shit I would never do in my life so that situation annoys me.

Yeah there are some prisons that have stopped this form of imprisonment, but a lot of other prisons still do this. In my opinion solitary confinement is unethical to me and there should only be extreme cases were its allowed. Etc if said prisoner was killing all his cell mates then he should be put into a separate room away from others.

Another thing that is “technically” legal is racism and I hate it. The idea of a certain race being better than the other is just retarded honestly , I mean we’re all humans so what’s the point of having a superiority complex? We should all be treated equally which is why racism should be idk looked down upon at least.

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It is a very scary situation. Even if you get out of prison your life is ruin. You will always have that on your permanent record and it would most likely be very hard for you to get a job. I have seen a lot of foot ball players being accused and then it turns at that they are innocent, but by the time the truth comes out they have lost everything. Stuff like their job and their college scholarship.

Well said, I’m a man of true equality so I look down on all races equally :+1:


Yeah the only way to get rid of a criminal record is to die or fake your death and have plastic surgery or something. Which is way framing someone for something they didn’t do is probably the worst way to ruin someone’s life and get away with it.

I totally agree with you. Racism needs to be put down so we as a country can come together and fix all of our other problems. (Like sex trafficking) (Sorry mods please don’t ban me for talking about these things). However, we cant simply tell people not to say certain things. If we do we would be taking away their freedom of speech which gives everyone the right to say what they want to say. However, if we come together as a community and shun them and teach our children that being racist is not okay then eventually it MAY die out. However, I feel as people will still have be biased against others no matter what we do.

Yeah it definitely sucks to be frame. We can only hope that in the future the court system will take framing into affect and really investigate the accusations a person may make.

Oh yeah another thing I wouldn’t necessarily say is illegal but it’s looked down is certain acts of discipline even though it is a great method for discipline.

Do mean discipline in children or discipline from the court system?

Discipline for children

This is my very uninformed and naïve take, but honestly I would prefer to have someone rot than get an easy way out like death.