Some... polls

grasshopper or more mammal looking creature for [REDACTED 2]?

  • grasshopper
  • mammal creature

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Should [REDACTED 2] be extraterrestrial or from earth?

  • earth
  • ET

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should the hoodie for [REDACTED 1] be green or brown? (for reference, [REDACTED 1] has yellow skin)

  • green
  • brown

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should [REDACTED 1] and [REDACTED 2] have different levels of intelligence or be similar?

  • same/similar IQ
  • different IQs by noticeable amount

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should [REDACTED 2] have a tail/abdomen like structure?

  • yes
  • no

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more puffy or less puffy hoodie for [REDACTED 1]

  • more puffy
  • less puffy

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are these polls suspicious?

  • Sandal what are you doing-
  • nope not at all

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should [REDACTED 1] and [REDACTED 2] fight/quarrel often or do they get along decently well?

  • get along
  • frenemies

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last question, should the official names for [REDACTED 1] and [REDACTED 2] sound similar or be different?

  • similar
  • different

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sandal, where has your head gone to

you didn’t even REALIZE that a yellow skin and brown hoodie is just a piss and poo colour set


oh my god you are right :sob:

please vote for these mysterious polls that do in fact have a purpose beyond your comprehension

I have a theory.
Redacted one and Redacted two are furries that Sandal wishes to draw.

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What are you doing sandal?

dvoo R nvzm 1 lu gsvn rh prmwz ufiib yfg gsv lgsvi rh sfnzm

presumably drawing furries it seems


what am I doing?


I can’t believe this is like the third time today I’ve had to post this on a comment you created, but consider the following:


don’t let the flame die out i need more votesss


what is this


just. answer them :slightly_smiling_face:

can we get any more

Im scared.

why are you scared

What the hell is the redacted thing

if I wanted you to know it wouldn’t be redacted…