Some questions about conjurers and weapons

I’m a conjurer with 150 in magic and 100 in weapons, and I’m finding that I can’t fully utilize a lot of the best weapons because my weapon level is too low to use any of their abilities, like the scimitars of storm. Also the only arcanium weapon (which is specifically made for a conjurer, right?), the triasta, apparently requires 200 weapon stats for its first skill, according to the wiki, sooo conjurers can’t even utilize it then? Why?

What’s the ideal way to divide stats for conjurer? Should I have put more into weapons?

What are the ideal weapons for conjurers since the skills for some higher end weapons can’t be utilized?

What does upgrading a weapon do? I’ve upgraded some of my weapons several dozen levels and the stats remain the exact same.

Yeah unfortunately conjurer currently has a pretty low amount of skills, due to the level cap and the relatively high weapon skill requirements.

The ideal conjurer (or most hybrid weapon) stat division is 130/120, from what I’ve heard. With this you get both skills on normal weapons, as well as snare spell for magic.

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Yep I was just reading some posts with similar opinions, in hindsight putting 150 in magic wasn’t as helpful as putting more into weapons. I’d probably even do less than 130 since I rarely find myself using snare since it doesn’t seem to work on any bosses (strange decision imo). Hopefully I can reset my stats with that potion update then. I hope vetex pushes that out soon since a lot of my friends have quit after they accidentally did their stats wrong.

On another note, I’m also curious on the chances for King Calvus’s drops, and whether the level caps have been changed at all. All I have to go on is the wiki but it seems outdated and unreliable in some ways. If I knew I could decide if it’s worth grinding for.

Yeah, going forward you can fix the build but for now you kinda shot yourself in the foot. In my opinion, the best setup for every hybrid class is as follows:

  • Paladin: 150 Magic, 100 Vitality
  • Warlock: 120 Magic, 120 Strength, 10 Vitality
  • Conjurer: 120 Magic, 130 Weapon
  • Juggernaut: 150 Strength, 100 Vitality
  • Warlord: 120 Strength, 130 Weapon
  • Knight: 150 Weapon, 100 Vitality
  • Savant: 90 Magic, 60 Strength, 100 Weapon

These should pretty much be followed to a tee for now, and the ratios can be adjusted later as we unlock more.

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These are Calvus’s drops, all with a 1/10 chance

The wiki is probably gonna take a while to be reliable, Since AO’s release basically overloaded it with info

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