Someone give me tips, I need them for pro PVP fighting

I need them. Now.

Just die and accept your fate


For starters, T jump, alot. If you wanna use beams, recognize their AOE and know that it doesnt take that much effort to hit them when they are on the ground from long range, and try and predict when your opponent will use their next attack, tracking when they charge and etc, and then prefire your beam and hit them first before they can even aim at you. (Note that this only works best if you’re mid range) If you like using projectiles, then try and do the same thing and when you know that they cant/wont attack and are just T jumping to dodge your attacks to stall or charge mana, instinctively aim down towards where they will land and get a free hit off. If they like spamming every melee weapon in existence, dont play too far, but dont play too close either. Know when they’re gonna use a melee ability, and use a 2-3 shot projectile, punishing them way more then the damage that they hit you for. You can also get some self explosions in there if they like getting really close to you. Placed explosions aren’t good unless you cant aim for your life. The PVP in WoM is very similar to that of AA, so you can use your knowledge there to apply it to WoM.

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guess you’ll die

leave the game

what is that for anyways

Obama Tournament

get me a video

Shit I need to practice for that. :sleeper:

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