Someone with a Twitter account, please send this to dream

Yeah so uh send this to that shit

For fucks sake dream PLEASE for the love of god DO FUCKING NOT rig this year’s mob vote

Yeah send that that you
Oh and the reason for this is uh
I’m not gonna make an account for that dumpsterfire of ignorance and all that
Please do it
This isn’t a request anymore
do it.

people already do it and he said he was gonna rig it again

Also uh about the mob vote
Glare doesn’t seem as cute as the allay and isn’t useful for me atleast
Copper golem only benefits the Redstone community so not for me that much
Allay because cute and farm potential

For fucks sake…

I’m just going to go offline right now

Dream is a menace to society and acts like a drunk 3 year old.

Allay best mob :fr:

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im a watermelon of peace, im aint fck around with someone with like 10m+ crazy fans that would probably kill for him

I went to his twitter page once and it was the worst mistake of my life…

making a twitter account is the worst mistake of your life

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I didn’t make an account, don’t worry

:pray: amen

i’ll just uh
sit out of this one

Just for the record, that’s probably a good idea…

no i said that because i do act like a drunk 3 year old

At the end of the day, aren’t we all drunk 3 year olds?

Especially me lmao, I miss jokes a lot

How dare he have a target demographic of kids.

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playground rumor about people claiming to know what dream wants