Something annoying I found about WOM current bosses

The current bosses have a shitload of periods where they are completely immune to damage and I feel like it takes away from the feeling of punishing someone for using the wrong move. Like imagine you use a 20 hit blast and have iframes throughout the entire move.
For example would be the minotaur sprint. Why is he immune to damaging during that move? I would understand receiving less damage while using it, but complete immunity? Shouldn’t he be punished for using a move like that? Or when he uses the vastira mighty crash move. He is completely immune to damage throughout all of it. It just seems too cheesy and annoying. I would much rather have a boss with 3x the health and damage rather than random iframes when he uses a heavy move. The same concept applies to the exiled. Why is he completely immune to damage when using certain moves?

Do you guys agree with me on this?

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We all hating on ingame exiled

Certain moves having i-frames I’m fine with. I never had issues with Minotaur and feel like his fight is pretty fair overall. It’s still pretty easy to punish and noticeable when the i-frames occur.

But when Exiled just has i-frames 90% of the time, thats when it crosses the line. It’s not even that noticeable when to attack and just makes things a waiting game.

Hot take: Bosses being cheesed with 20 blast is stupid. 20 blast should just be removed if it’s being used for purposes like these. Should have to perform skills while staying mobile and shit like that then just aim.


only exiled can be cheesed with 20 blasts minotaur is immune

It’s not about noticeability it’s mainly about the fact that his fight gets extended a lot more when he just randomly decides to ram or to spam the mighty crash
he is completely exposed during his ram so it would make sense for him to take less damage than when he isnt ramming not full on iframes during that move
90% of the damn time whenever he uses mighty crash he ends up using it like 5 times in a row so i dont get why that gives him iframes anyways

i dont really mind the iframes since they are still simple boss fights but i would MUCH rather them being replaced and the bosses getting buffed to compensate for it

Other way around, Mino gets cheesed, Exiled doesn’t


how does mino get cheesed with 20 blasts? it never works for me

every time i use them on him from far away they dont work and whenever i use them in a fight with him he always ends up destroying all my health

for exiled i literally just charge barrage while he isnt aggroed onto me then it kills like half of his health then i use 20 blast again and he dies completely
i even use them while he is aggroed onto me full health and he dies easily

You go right above his head, he spams his spinning move and might crash, sometimes throws his axe

That’s extremely lucky then because Exiled gets hyper armor along with iFrames

its not even lucky i dont even care about the iframes i just spam 20 blasts and end up killing him no strategy required

guess me fighting him properly was a waste of time f

He moves before it even hits half the time for me

hyper armor would mean attacks going through stun
literally what you gonna do heavy attack exiled?

u gotta get close to him when using it
far enough to where he cant use the 300+ damage move
but close enough to where the giant ball move damages u
i literally just go right next to him and spam blasts

I run gold on him and still only get 10 blasts in tops

ill show my strat when i farm him later

Pretty sure you just get movement lucky, it’s 10x easier if he uses the self exploding move instead of slashes

the other thing that annoys me a lot is the bosses having practically 0 second cooldowns. Exiled spamming raging storm or mino spamming his charge attack is some of the most annoying shit to deal with in the entire game

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