Splintered effect

Splintered effect
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Wood is a magic with no real effect on it’s own, similar to earth, making this magic somewhat mundane, so I propose we give it a new effect, splintered.

Details/background on your proposal

The splintered effect appears as small chips of wood on the target when they get hit by an attack, splintered has no DoT, but slightly blinds the targets screen with woodchips.

The effect can be cleared by lightning, water, fire, ash, plasma, and magma magic.

Splintered doesn’t do too much by itself, but ideally I was thinking heat based magics would be able to set the splintered opponents on fire or something, basically making woods point in excelling, synergies, even more powerful.

An alternative is this effect synergies with other heavy magics, as they push the splinters deeper into the opponent, causing more damage on the next hit, stuff like metal would push the most and glass the least, this idea was made by killer boss if anyone thought it was mine.

Reason to add/change

Like I said before, wood has no actual effect on it’s own, and it would be nice to see it have more love, also, it would help boost its popularity as the new effect synergies with heat well.

Now you’re probably thinking, but won’t that make wood too OP?

Well, you would be sorta right, but a lot of magics clear splintered anyways, and well, look at stuff like shadow or wind if you think wood is too op with this effect.

Feel free to add feedback

wood already getting buffs

is it tho?

Is it tho?


Odd choice, there’s honestly already enough stuff that synergizes with heat magics and wood is already one of them.
What if ‘splintered’ gave a boost to other solid/heavy magics with a greater boost for heavier magics. (ex: metal magic being the highest and wood, of course, being the lowest)

The idea is that when you hit somebody who has a bunch of splinters sticking out of them with a solid object, its going to drive the splinters deeper in, and anybody whose ever had a splinter before knows exactly how painful that is.

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what he said

This implies the woodchips are hitting the players’ eyes.

Yeah but Crystal got the same buffs Wood did and got reworked

Like the idea, don’t 100% like the implementation (I had been planning my own versions of Splintered for a while now).

Kinda makes sense but it the same way that Plasma could theoretically blind, it can but it’s definitely not a notable aspect of it, splinters usually aren’t an eye/visual thing.

I like this, I’d imagine that the synergies would just be super strong damage increases for heat magics, as the statuses get cleared. Not sure if it should cause burning though more than just amplify heat magics.

However a large problem I see is whether Wood should even get a status at all. The pros are that Wood is almost on-par with Crystal but with no status like Crystal has.

The bad thing is this sort of sets a standard for Earth to later get a new status as well which though sounding cool and being something I might even advocate for, it becomes a lot of work which would end up leaving either Earth in the dust or both magics end up not getting the rework.

If stat changes could be made so that Earth would stand without a status and Wood could get a nice rework that would probably be the best action, but it would be hard to change much tbh.

Also I think it should do something on its own as it’s basically Crystal without a status rn.


Ooh I like this

That would be another suggestion, but I think the wood could have the effect of wooden stakes, which would cause bleeding, and could be removed with fire, plasma, water, explosion, ash and magma.

That’s kind of what splintered does tho

Except no bleed or DoT

it has bleed :fr:

i swear we have too many magics with screen blinders already. also splintered should give dot, youre literally having wood chips piercing your skin

this is really the only thing i like about this suggestion. but it kinda raises a question for myself: can you set wood chips on fire, especially when theyre pushed deep into their skin?

the only reason people think shadow and wind (as well as water i think) is because of their magic speed, as well as being unaffected by the past nerfs that dethroned the past meta

btw you should also take a look at what crystal is getting if you really think wood is gonna become op with a different effect

DoT would make splintered too powerful tho

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