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:evergreen_tree: Spriggan Law :evergreen_tree:
From, Fori_zon, Afzal Banks
Invitation To Spriggan Law
Definition of a Spriggan

  • What Is Spriggan Law?
    :shadow_magic: Spriggan Law is a guild forged within the deep depths of the Whispering Forest. Spriggan’s are known for mischievous acts. If a house was robbed, child disappearing, buildings in ruin, or anything of those sorts, it is the work of a Spriggan. However, Spriggan Law is a group of Spriggans who seek deeds that allow civilizations to prosper in freedom! For these groups of Spriggans seek to change the image of being dark, hideous, and awful spirits of the forest into a spirit who people look for as signs of hope. :light_magic_var1:
What Does it Have to Offer?

Game Nights
A Market place
Community of World of Magic players

Important Server Roles

King of The Spriggans

  • The current king of the guild in-game. That means, the founder of the guild nor the discord owner leads the guild.

Spriggan Lawmakers

  • Merely the peacekeepers of the discord. They can kick, mute, deafen, ban, etc.

Spriggan Architects

  • These Spriggans maintain the quality of the discord. Providing updates to roles, channels, and the server.


  • Ascended Member of the guild. Shown great feats to reach this high. Allowing them to no longer be a fairy, but to evolve into a spirit of the forest.

Hideous Fairy

  • Member of the Spriggan Law in-game. This role is to show you have passed the application and is worthy of our guild.


  • This role has no connection to the guild since this role applies to everyone. As well as, they are visitors in the guild.

Fallen Spriggan King

  • A deceased king of the guild. They have served their time well to the guild. The player will give up ownership of the in-game guild to a trusted member of their choice.

How To Join

Anyone is allowed to join. It’s only if you wish to set free and become a hideous fairy to become a spirit of the forest.

Contact Me, The King of the Spriggans.

Discord: ForzaF#4160
Roblox: Fori_zon (Afzal Banks)

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