Stellari’s Doodle Thread

oh and also
slightly old concept sketch for a new file that’s in the works : D
ive been thinking of making her an antagonist or a moreso morally grey character

im def gonna remake this tho because I do NOT like how I designed her at all :sob:


Opal is gonna be one of the reasons why Noelle questions if her views of the world are one day gonna get herself killed :space_invader:


oh- :fearful:

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No cry… I shall hug big you :pleading_face:

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Imagine you’re fighting Noelle, and you learn you can just stunlock her by reminding her that she killed Calvus, Argos, Cernyx, and a lot of others.:smiling_face:

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she was partly inspired by her so mmmm

I KEEP saying this and nobody takes me seriously enough to hear me out on it. Holy shit, I’m glad you get it.
It ain’t helpful to be apathetic to the people you care for. Apathy or misanthropy be damned, there’s people you love and care for regardless, without (or with very few, extreme case) condition(s)

And even if you’re not the best person, nobody is, and there’s one detail you mentioned that greatly separates you from a lot of people I’ve dealt with.

The simple fact you apologized carries volumes of good will. It’s hard to find people who genuinely care (or, more accurately, ever cared; some people stop caring because it’s happened to often, and mercy be unto them…)

…reading this from another perspective, yeah I’m guilty of this too, but I try to not be as bad as a few people I’ve dealt with.
It’s one thing to shut out someone for being an unrelenting asshole or needlessly dense without apology or attempt to not be, or an absolute creep, but it gets rather absurd how people shut down someone for just a belief they may have more or less inherited from their local society, or may not be aware of the weight it carries.
…If that makes much sense. It just blows my mind that people can be so hostile and build a large portion of judging worth based upon their political beliefs or related things.
What ever happened to merit?

…Maybe I’m just yapping. Uh.
Regardless, I really do understand what you’re saying here, and I just want to let you know that the sentiment is shared by other people - and that you’re a very caring individual, Stellarii.
I could really have figured out a better way to have written that (in 4-10 hours)

I wish you well.
And to this warzone…



I wish everyone here survives this hell we decide to keep around in a place we call


:sob: at this point it’s just

“fuck this place”
continues to post

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ah yes the classic

“bro fuck yall I hope you all die”
continues to stay in the groupchat/friendgroup

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Nah, I be transcending that.
I ain’t making new posts, I only come here for the artiste s
and I might join the tumblr idk, maybe.

frankly it’s hard to say since I’ve also really fallen off of AO, but there’s some great people I’ve only met through the fandom of it.
I’d prefer to leave it in the dust, but all the people…


I might move to tumblr as well and occasionally post here to keep in contact with some people


she’s about to blow up I fear …


Nah she’s definitely cheering for the Brazilian team in the Soccer match against Germany in the 2014 FIFA world cup.

the scribblings of a madman

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thought i’d post these since i like how they turned out
some emotes i drew for friends :>
2 of them are for friends here and 2 of them aren’t in the community

edit: forgot to mention but these are based off of honkai star rail emotes


i’m keeping my fully rendered work to post in the art channel; otherwise anything else goes in my doodle thread

you fine with me pinging ghostly and natasha to see these wonderful pieces? They’re genuinely such adorable pieces of art, I love them.

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