Still have't found my phone :/

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve lost my phone in my house, and it sucks the battery died, thus making it even more complicated…

I must still be patient, it got some good memories from 2017 and I can’t lose it

Solution: look down at your device

if you are on another device, well then just retrace your steps, if you can
I forgot the contents of the last post

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Okay now where do you remember having it last? :fr:

Idk, somewhere near dining room, yet I still haven’t found it

Clean your house or smth. Usually lost shit ends up being found while your doing it.

I lost my phone when we cleaning the house, perhaps I gotta do that again, thanks for the advice

yes clean the house again and if it doesn’t appear… the gnomes in your house stole it!!!
(Btw i think have not is correctly typed haven’t or have’nt)