Stop suggesting fighting styles!

i think we can all agree nobody likes fighting styles amiright so stop suggesting them im not reading allat

Ah yes a major part of the game, lets not try and improve it! :skull: also no one said u have to read them

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But… I like fighting styles… :pensive:


Fighting styles rule we will be reading allat. :pray:

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preach brother :pray:
(responding to voyager)

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Some recent Fighting Styles have indeed been rather poorly made, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them buddy boy.

Like 90% of the last fighting style ideas were ASS but the berserker agenda must never fall

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I’d rather the effort go into expanding and improving features that are distinctly lacking in content or accessibility.
Rivals, NPC bounty hunting, reagent/catalyst gathering, the reputation system on the PvE side of things (why would I ever not be a low bounty criminal?), and dark sea enemy variety all come to mind as things that could do with major improvements and expansions.

I’m not going to say there’s loads of fighting styles ingame, but there’s enough for now, and I doubt Nimbus sea is going to release without adding atleast one more to that count.

no you dont liar

just delete them its called arcane odyssey not fighting style odyssey :roll_eyes:

do you want me to show you my true captain warlord file or no.

bait used to be believable bro :skull:

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I mean, suggesting new fighting styles isn’t gonna get you anywhere for improving them. Especially here.
Vetex isn’t taking fighting style suggestions and any of those suggestions would have to be to the balance team.

Never mind about that first point I was thinking of new magics

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:fishing_pole_and_fish: :mouse_trap: :skull:

live vitality build reaction:

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