Storybuilding question (changed the prompt)

okay well that’s neat too but this thing is human sized too so idk if that’s enough to keep it alive

also not to mention this has to have hypothetically worked on it’s homeworld with other animals

doubt it tbh

A mutualistic alien race would definitely try and recruit humans to expand themselves . Humans would get advanced materials to further technology and the aliens get more manpower. It wouldn’t make sense for them to destroy us for our planet, they would have to eradicate a large part of the earth to kill us, even with a bioweapon ( which would probably deatroy the other biological shit they would be going after) so no point in that, they would probably try to trade us for our plants or maybe even use our planet as a sort of “resort” area but they have no reason to get pur resources if they are already advanced enough for space travel, getting more living things would make much more sense



well what do they want thats mutualistic tho

mutualism is a form of symbiosis where both organisms are benefited. (birds and crocodiles) Commensalism is a form of symbiosis where one organism benefits. (lampreys and whales) Parasitism is where one organism is harmed and another organism benefits. (wasps and caterpillars)

Taking a large amount of blood from an organism that needs it to survive looks like parasitism. How is the taking of this blood also benefit the organism whose blood is being taken?

I guess the blood thing couldn’t work from a biological standpoint so we have to try something else