Strong Oath/Vast, Heavy WoJ

Downgrading all 3 items (only possess 1 copy of each as of right now), I am preferably looking for multiple rares, clean, good, or bad, doesnt matter. Not only that, but i’d be okay with any sunkens, good/clean/bad, would accept regular seasonals too (prefer halloween bags, candy corn beanies, skeleton wizard hats, and bodywrappings) and a headless head. If interested, dm me at Xtrmist#4409

I take those for 10k crowns?


I underpayed on purpose LOLLL :joy: :weary:

Looked like a scam attempt to me :flushed: , just a heads up scamming on the forums on purpose kinda makes you look like a poopy head (at least in my books)

most traders use crowns as a way of sharking noobs for their value gain, not scamming.

This is the arcane oddysey forum, I’m just giving you a heads up to not actually do it. (on the forums)

alright, just testing my luck yk you never know.

Well at the very least underpay slightly, purposefully trying to “scam” or “shark” whatever you wanna call it, makes your reputation as a wise man once said: “Quite ass” - William Shakespeare (probably)

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