Stupid Shenanigans

Title says all (stuff like soda steal, snorting fundip, pranks/stunts you would do for shits and giggles)

Has anyone ever even snorted fundip before?

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you might not believe me but i once bought a water bottle
and i drank it


one time i jumped off my stairs for some reasons and hurt my leg and never told my mom

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one time i put a water hose in my mouth… it hurt my nose and throat as i turned it on

One time I was going down the stairs and I skipped every other step.
I still do it.

I used to practice being almost completely silent while staying out of line of sight while moving around just to screw with people, it was fun and it still is fun.

Been doing this since elementary school and its only gotten easier.

I don’t know why, but confusing people and scaring people is just hilarious to me.



i am worried

How was it?

While at Basic a bunch of recruits got drunk after making what they call “Recruit-shine”, which is basically pure tainted alcohol made from soap. I don’t know the process exactly since I was just an observer who has no interest in ever drinking. Needless to say it was a long night with recruits fighting, one vomiting, and just general ruckus. I woke up that morning and was shocked that we weren’t being murdered by a DI. They never found out.

As for my own shindigs, when I was like 8 I convinced my cousin to walk on ice that I knew wasn’t going to support him. I was a sadistic kid now that I look back at it.


regrettable burning

You about to tell me that walking away from somebody only for them to turn around and see you just standing there isn’t funny?

Its gotten to the point where I don’t even try to sneak up on people, I just do… as long as they aren’t holding anything dangerous for obvious reasons.

Walking around and not being able to hear yourself at all is oddly relaxing.

It is, i sometimes do it.

Have you ever been walking with a group somewhere, turn around, walk the opposite direction, then take a shortcut and just wait for them?

It always starts with a “where are you going” and ends with a “what.”

Insert that one Omni-man hot milk meme

one time when i was 6 i drank a glow stick
not fun, would not recommend, 0/10.

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What is “Shinanigans”?

does this post include asking my classmates shit like

  • “if you were to murder someone in this school, where would you hide the body?”
  • “do you think I can steal that marble seat home?”
  • “do you think we can get away with stealing our school’s flag?”
  • “wow this place makes me feel like robbing someone. do you wanna go rob that person together?”
  • “what would be the quickest way to kill someone using items in this classroom?”
  • “where’s the security camera?”
  • “has anyone died here before?”
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When I was 12, I would always go to school early and wait for someone to use the restroom. I would then whisper ghostly howls into the stall and then shake the door until they start screaming and calling for their mommy :rofl:

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