Suggestion: Melee Fighting Styles

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s fighting styles, but for weapons. You can learn Anime fighting styles, medieval fighting styles, and much more. You can equip a fighting style to your weapon and can use it until you unequip it. These fighting styles can be unlocked at certain levels and islands.

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Isnt this already planned.

Oh wait I just read it nvm, this looks like an idea that came from a one piece game

Could you move this to suggestions?

I thought weapons were getting skill creation though

Yeah they are, lost weapon skills are also planned iirc

I don’t know if I remember correctly but are we gonna be able to create weapon skills just like we can create spells?

i made this suggestion before :fr:

this is different
i think he means the basic weapon combo

Yeah your right I just wanted to know if we were getting weapon skill creation like how we can make spells with magic cuz I swear I heard something like that from idk were

yeah, thats going to be a thing in tgr

personally tho it sounds too good to be true

Could you show me were it was confirmed if possible?


From the to do list


@macobre close

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