Summary, please

So, what has happened so far? I have been away for a bit and wouldn’t really want a wall of text to tell me what’s going on, so why don’t you? Also any opinions or speculations or any other topic that you may want to say, because I am truly lost, like starting all over again. Hope you all have had the greatest lives from when i left to now, and if not, then hope you’ll have it soon.

the deep called

we went from meatriding vetex to bashing on ao

Anything in particular set this off?

nothing too extreme it’s just the stuff didn’t exactly meet everyone’s expectations that we based on patch notes alone

also memory leaks

Is the new ship good or not? also what about the black sea?

the new ship is incredible and the dark sea is awesome

Time to grind, got 1000 on my main rn :sob:, any tips?

either cargo or pirate hunting

Lots of good changes and a great pair of updates

Then we have the tanning system making people look like hot dogs, dirt memory leaks, merchant profession becoming useless, and the five minute redocking cooldown. The last one is especially bad when you can just hop servers for the same effect.